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Amateur-Riders: more than just a tradition

Trainer Magazine – European Edition

Very well written article in the April Issue (61) of the European Trainer Magazine about Elie Hennau in his new role as President of the Fegentri, the values of the Organisation, the future plans for restructuring the Championship-Races and the one big dream …

It is worth reading.

Interview Elie Hennau

Jour de Galop

JDG_20170727_Interview Fegentri President Elie Hennau

Memories of Pinucci Molteni

Pinucci Molteni with former Fegentri President Nathalie Belinguier, Adriana Piotti and Lanfranco Dettori on Capanelle Racecourse in Rome 2014. (in the middle)
Celebrating the win of swiss Lady Rider Nicole Schlatter, Pinucci Molteni with Nathalie Belinguier. Picture above: with second Anna Lupinacca and third Klaudia Freitag.