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7 Lady Riders from 7 different countries arrived at the Orient Lucky City Racecourse in Wuhan, Province Hubei in China. Anne-Sophie Pacault (France), Kirsten Schmitt (Germany), Serena Brotherton (Great Britain), Catherine Burri (Switzerland), Jadey Pietrasiewicz (Netherlands), Cathrine Engebretsen (Norway) and Tina Henriksson (Sweden)

Prize Award to the winning rider, trainer and owner with Jacky Wu (right), President of The Wuhan Jockey Club and Susanna Santesson, Fegentri General Secretary (4th from right)

Presentation to the winning jockey by Susanna Santesson, General Secretary of Fegentri

7 Lady Riders and Officials from Fegentri have been invited to attend the International Horse Racing Festival in Wuhan in China. It was a great experience and a wonderful opportunity, Thanks to The Wuhan Jockey Club and Government of Wuhan for this opportunity. Riders from many different countries (Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hongkong, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, France, Germany, Great Britain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway and Sweden) participated and all guests enjoyed the overwhelming hospitality of their Chinese hosts. International Horse Racing Festival Orient Lucky City Racecourse Wuhan, China – some more impressions:


Fegentri at the ADIHEX (Abu Dhabi International Hunting & Equestrian Exhibition) for the second time. The Fegentri booth attracted many visitors from different countries to know more about international amateur racing and the Fegentri World Championship for Gentlemen and Lady Riders. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet new horse enthusiastic people but also to meet a lot of old friends especially from the neighbouring countries in the Middle-East. From Thursday 22nd to Saturday 25th September visitors had the opportunity to come to the stands, to see beautiful falcons, horse shows, hunting guns and facilities and different hunting and equestrian equipments. During the time of the ADIHEX the First Arabian Horse Racing Conference was organized and people from all over the world attended this meeting.

Sami Jassim Al Boenain, General Manager of The Qatar Racing & Equestrian Club (a Member of Fegentri) and IFAHR President visited the Fegentri Stand From left to right: Susanna Santesson, General Secretary of Fegentri, Sami Jassim Al Boenain, General Manager REC, Margrit de Ruiter and IFAHR Treasurer Wieger de Ruiter Impressions of the ADIHEX


Fegentri was invited by The Wuhan Jockey Club in China and General Secretary Susanna Santesson visited the Orient Lucky City and Orient Lucky Horse Project for the first time. In 2008 Wuhan Race course was appointed by the Government as the official trial racecourse of China and the huge new grandstand of Wuhan Orient Lucky City International Racecourse is built as a future project. That means that they are in the process to build a platform for racing lotteries. Jackie Wu is the man behind the scene, born in a little town nearby Shanghai and brought up in Hongkong. He returned to Wuhan to start his business in real estates. He invested 1.4 billion Euro to built the grandstand, stables, administration buildings and accommodation on the racecourse. He bought more than 500 local bred horses and a few thoroughbred horses. About 25 minutes drive from Wuhan International Airport or 30 minutes drive from the city of Wuhan he built a training centre for over 500 horses and will expand it by another 500 boxes. Jacky Wu employs a staff of 400 people from China and in addition a few professionals from overseas. Jacky Wu, President of the Wuhan Jockey Club and owner of Orient Lucky City International Racecourse wants to join Fegentri and take part in the international series of Fegentri World Championship. He would like to offer races counting towards the World Championship for gentlemen and lady riders in the next year. This is certainly a great future opportunity for Fegentri riders. The first big event is planned end of October on the occasion of the International Wuhan Racing Festival where Officials of Government and Industry are traditionally attending the meeting. Fegentri will be invited for the first international amateur race in China. We are looking forward to go Far-East.

Jacky Wu, President of The Wuhan Jockey Club in China with General Secretary of Fegentri, Susanna Santesson during her visit at The Orient Lucky City International Racecourse in Wuhan

Parade Ring Wuhan International Race Course

Grandstand Wuhan Orient Lucky City International Race Course

Map of Wuhan Training Centre

Saddling boxes with cameras at Wuhan International Racecourse

Group photo with Racing Department Wuhan Jockey Club – second row: Justin Blackburne, Director of Racing Department, first row middle: Susanna Santesson, General Secretary of Fegentri

Fegentri General Secretary meets with Wuhan Jockey Club Racing department

Back to the scale: Jockeys in Wuhan after the race

General Secretary of Fegentri Susanna Santesson presents a gift to Zhang Xiao Ping, Director of Cultural & Sports Bureau of Dongxiju District

Susanna Santesson, General Secretary of Fegentri, presents a gift to Peter Wong Wang Shen Shun, Director of Wuhan City Sports Bureau