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54th General Assembly of Fegentri in Marbella (Spain) February 14th, 2009

#News about FEGENTRI

Members of 13 different countries gathered in Marbella on the occasion of the 54th General Assembly.
This year the Fegentri General Assembly elected the President, General Secretary and Fegentri Board.
Nathalie Bélinguier, President of Fegentri since election two years ago in Pau in France was re-elected. So was Susanna Santesson as General Secretary of Fegentri and Board Member who is holding this position since 2001. As the Vice-President of Fegentri, Sandy Murphy, has resigned the new candidate Sarah Oliver, Chief Executive of the Amateur Jockey Association of Great Britain was elected to work on the board together with Yves von Ballmoos (Switzerland), Cecilia Gatta (Italy), Thierry Lohest (Belgium), Helene Louise Marwell-Hauge (Norway) and Rafael Martinez (Spain) who all stood for re-election and have been confirmed in their position. Thierry Lohest from Belgium has been elected as the new Vice-President of Fegentri.

The President was very pleased to welcome the new Member Turkey. They have applied for membership and been accepted by the General Assembly. Their representatives of the recently founded Amateur Riders’ Club of Turkey, Mr. Selman Tasbek and Vice-President Ms. Duygu Fatura Oluk attended the Assembly for the first time together with Mr. Okan Özeren, representative of the Jockey Club of Turkey. Duygu Fatura Oluk gave a brief report about amateur racing and its history in Turkey to the Fegentri Members. Turkey became the 24th Member of Fegentri.

General Assembly 2009 Board Members

The elected Fegentri Board at the General Assembly in Marbella
from left to right:
Thierry Lohest (Vice-President), Susanna Santesson (General Secretary),
Nathalie Bélinguier (President), Rafael Martinez, Helene Louise Marwell-Hauge, Yves von Ballmoos
standing behind from left to right: Cecilia Gatta and new elected Board Member Sarah Oliver

Board Table

Fegentri Board Members during the General Assembly,
from left to right:
Vice-President Thierry Lohest, General Secretary Susanna Santesson, President Nathalie Bélinguier, Rafael Martinez and Helene Louise Marwell-Hauge

General Assembly - The Meeting

General Assembly in Marbella February 14th, 2009

General Assembly 2009 - The Members

The round table

Prize Presentation Gala

Prize Award to the Fegentri World Champions
from left to right:
Board Member and President of the Spanish Club, Rafael Martinez, Selman Tasbek, President of the Amateur Riders’ Club of Turkey, Susanna Santesson, General Secretary of Fegentri, Gemelle Gracey-Davison, Fegentri Vice-World Champion of Lady Riders, Rebekka Unrath, III. Place in the World Championship, Nathalie Bélinguier, Fegentri President, Nadine Forde, Fegentri World Champion of Lady Riders, Donal MacAuley, Fegentri World Champion of Gentlemen Riders and Paul-Henri de Quatrebarbes, III. Place in the World Championship

N. Bélinguier and R. Martinez

A Present for the Fegentri President Nathalie Bélinguier by the hosting President of AEGRI and Fegentri Board Member Rafael Martinez

Fegentri Gala Dinner in Marbella

Fegentri Gala Dinner in Marbella
from right to left: Baronne de Montesquieu, Baron de Montesquieu, Hon. President of Fegentri, Nathalie Bélinguier, President of Fegentri and Selman Tasbek, President of the Amateur Riders’ Club of Turkey

Tarik Abdulhamid Al-Siddiqi from The Qatar Racing & Equestrian Club with Fegentri Vice World Champion of Lady Riders Gemelle Gracey Davison from England awarding the “Silver Spur”