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Fegentri Gentlemen Final race in Maienfeld (Switzerland) October 16th, 2011 – pictures

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The final results 2011:
Fegentri World Champion of Gentlemen Riders 2011 is EDOUARD MONFORT from France
2nd place: CHRISTOPHER ROBERTS from Sweden
3rd place: NICOLAI DE BOINVILLE from Great Britain

According to the sporting regulations of Fegentri a Fegentri Champion in the total ranking must have ridden on the flat and over jumps.

Fegentri World Champion Flat 2011: PATRICK DENO
The most successful Fegentri rider on the flat 2011 was PATRICK DENO from Belgium. Congratulation to this great success being the first Belgium Gentlemen Rider, to his country and Club winning this title, it is an historic day for Belgium in amateur history.

Fegentri World Champion Jump 2011: CHRISTOPHER ROBERTS
The most successful Fegentri rider over jumps 2011 was CHRISTOPHER ROBERTS from Sweden. Congratulation to this great success, congratulation also to his country and Club.

But also congratulation to everybody participating in the Fegentri World Championship Series and representing their countries in the best ways.

Fegentri World Champion of Gentlemen Riders Edouard Monfort from France in the carriage to celebrate his success together with Christopher Roberts from Sweden placed second and Nicolai de Boinville from England finishing third in the total ranking accompanied by Nathalie Bélinguier, President of Fegentri and Susanna Santesson, General Secretary

  1. Edouard Monfort, France
  2. Christopher Roberts, Sweden
  3. Nicolai de Boinville, Great Britain

enjoying the National Anthem.

From left to right: Niall Kelly (Ireland), winner of the Fegentri Final Race for Gentlemen Riders, Edouard Monfort (France), Fegentri World Champion 2011, Patrick Deno (Belgium), Fegentri World Champion Flat, Sven Schleppi (Germany), Christopher Roberts, 2nd place in the Fegentri World Championship, and Nicolai de Boinville (Great Britain), 3rd place in the Fegentri World Championship