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FEGENTRI Gentlemen Race in Fairyhouse (Ireland), April 15th, 2009

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Interview with Nathalie Belinguier, President of Fegentri:

A very unusual picture: 25 starters in the Eimer Hannon Travel Fegentri (Q.R.) Handicap Hurdle
Fegentri World Championship Race for Gentlemen Rider in Fairyhouse (Ireland) on Wednesday, April 15th
ladies in the middle: from right to left: Eimer Hannon, sponsor of the race, Nathalie Bélinguier, President of Fegentri, Susanna Santesson, General Secretary of Fegentri
second row left: Thomas Carberry, President of Qualified Riders Association of Ireland

Thanks to Thomas Carberry, President of the Qualified Riders Association of Ireland, by Nathalie Bélinguier, President of Fegentri, together with Susanna Santesson (left) and Eimer Hannon (right)

Acreveen was the winner with amateur rider M.J. Scallan from Ireland