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FEGENTRI Gentlemen Finals in Baden-Baden, October 24th, 2008

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Daniel Wirenstal over the jump

“The Fegentri Final World Championship steeple Chase” won by Daniel Wirenstal from Sweden.

Danny Cook winning the Fegentri race

Danny Cook from England has beaten the French Gentlemen Rider Paul-Henri de Quatrebarbes from France only by a head.

The French Gentlemen Rider Paul-Henri de Quatrebarbes was nearly passing the winning post in Baden-Baden in the Fegentri flat race when Danny Cook from England passed and has beaten him with a head. The Fegentri World Championship was still not decided and everybody was looking forward to the last race of the series:
Preis vom Jagdhaus Deutscher Amateur-Preis “Kaiserpreis”
Fegentri World Championship Final for Gentlemen Riders

Seven riders from 6 different countries (Ireland, England, France, Switzerland, Sweden and two riders from Germany) were fighting to win.

A very valuable challenge trophy was to be handed over to the owner of the winner, who won this Fegentri race three times. The race was organised since 1987.

Otto-Werner Seiler, race-horse owner and trainer won this race already twice and had good chances to keep the 40,000 Euro value trophy. After a quite turbulent race Daniel Wirenstal from Sweden won the Steeple Chase and Otto-Werner Seiler can take the trophy home. He and also Daniel Wirenstal were very touched when the Swedish National Anthem was played. Otto-Werner Seiler and his “Stall Steintor” racing stable won more than 1,500 races and he is going to finish as a trainer by end of this year. It could not have been a better final for him.

Prize Presentation after the Fegentri Steeple Chase

Otto-Werner Seiler and Daniel Wirenstal

Owner & trainer Otto-Werner Seiler and Daniel Wirenstal from Sweden.

Kaiserpreis presentation

Otto-Werner Seiler is presenting the valuable trophy to the public.
Fegentri General Secretary Susanna Santesson on the left.

Donal Macaughly – Ireland
Fegentri World Champion of Gentlemen Riders 2008
The second time in a row we could see an Irish Gentlemen Rider winning the Fegentri World Championship.

The Championship obstacle was also won by Donal Macaughly, Ireland.
Paul-Henri de Quatrebarbes won the Championship flat.

The first three in the Fegentri World Championship are:

Donal Macaughly – Ireland
Danny Cook – England
Paul-Henri de Quatrebarbes – France