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FEGENTRI Ladies’ Final in Champ de Mars, Mauritius, December 7th, 2008

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Great Final at the International Jockeys’ Weekend in Mauritius.
On invitation of The Mauritius Turf Club 8 lady riders arrived in Mauritius to ride in the final race of the Fegentri World Cup of Nations for Lady Riders.
Nadine Forde from Ireland is the World Champion 2008 and she was very lucky when she draw her mount on “Match The Market”, the easy winner of the ladies’ competition at the race course Champ de Mars.
Runner up were Angeline Batist from Netherlands on “Lone Star Park” and Catrine Engebretsen from Norway on “Multi Dimention”.
During the Press conference and reception by The Turf Club the TOP STARS, the YOUNG STARS and the LADY RIDERS draw their own horses.
What a great year for Nadine Forde who rode her 6 winners in Germany (Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Cologne), Sweden (2 in Täby) and Mauritius.

Melanie Plat at the draw

Melanie Plat from France draw her horse “Pardon a Prince”.

Gemelle Gracey-Davison at the draw

Gemelle Gracey-Davison from Great Britain picked out “Sun King”.

Lady riders after the draw

All eight Lady Riders at the Press conference:
from left to right:
Melanie Plat (F), Gemelle Gracey-Davison (GB), Cathrine Engebretsen (NOR), Josephine Kelly (SWE), Nadine Gratz (GER), Catherine Burri (CH), Angeline Batist (NL) and Nadine Forde (IRE).

Lady riders & Susanna Santesson

Group photo with lady riders and Susanna Santesson, General Secretary of Fegentri, in the middle.

Prize Presentation

Prize Award Ceremony for the Fegentri World Champion of Lady Riders 2008:
1. Nadine Forde – Ireland
2. Gemelle Gracey-Davison – Great Britain
Nathalie Bélinguier, President of Fegentri next to the new World Champion and Susanna Santesson, General Secretary – escorted by Gilbert Marven, President of The Mauritius Turf Club and Racing Manager Khalid Rawat on the right and General Manager Benoit Halbwachs on the left.

Nadine Forde from Ireland winning

…and the winner is NADINE FORDE from Ireland,
winning the final race in the World Series of the Fegentri World Championship for Lady Riders 2008

Prize Presentation

Prize Presentation after the Fegentri Final for Lady Riders

from right to left: Khalid Rawat, Racing Manager, Gilbert Merven, President of The Mauritius Turf Club,
Susanna Santesson, Fegentri General Secretary, Nathalie Bélinguier, President of Fegentri

Lady Riders:
Nadine Forde (IRE), Fegentri World Champion 2008, Gemelle Gracey-Davison (GB), 2nd Place
Josephine Kelly (SWE), Nadine Gratz (GER), Catrine Engebretsen (NOR), Melanie Platz (F), Catherine Burri (CH), Angeline Batist (NL)