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FEGENTRI World Champions 2008 - Fegentri

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FEGENTRI World Champions 2008

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Paul-Henri de Quatrebarbes and Susanna Santesson

Fegentri General Secretary and Vice-President of the German Amateur Club congratulates Paul-Henri de Quatrebarbes from France for his World Championship – Flat – 2008

Danny Cook, Donal Macaugly & Paul-Henri de Quartrebarbes

Three “Heroes” – Fegentri World Champion Donal Macaugly from Ireland (middle) with Vice World Champion Danny Cook from England (left) and Paul-Henri de Quatrebarbes from France who became third in the Fegentri World Championship 2008.

Prize Presentation in Baden-Baden

Congratulation again to Donal Macaugly (Ireland), Danny Cook (England) and Paul-Henri de Quatrebarbes (France) – our Fegentri Champions 2008. Prize Presentation after the Fegentri Final in Baden-Baden October 24th, 2008. from left to right: Nathalie Bélinguier, President of Fegentri Susanna Santesson, General Secretary of Fegentri Jutta Hofmeister, Director of Mercedes-Benz Saarland, Sponsor Werner Schmeer, President of the German Amateur Club HRH Prince Bernhard von Baden below: Danny Cook, Donal Macaugly – Paul-Henri de Quatrebarbes

Donal Macaugly & Baron de Montesquieu

The Hon. President of Fegentri, Baron de Montesquieu and Fegentri World Champion 2008 Donal Macaugly from Ireland presents the trophy to Donal who won also the World Championship – Obstacle.

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The big and valuable trophy “Kaiserpreis” and the presents for the Fegentri World Champions 2008

Nathalie Bélinguier, HRH Bernhard von Baden, Susanna Santesson

HRH Prince Bernhard von Baden, President of the International Club Baden-Baden with Fegentri President Nathalie Bélinguier (left) and General Secretary Susanna Santesson (right) during the official dinner on the occasion of the Final Races for the Fegentri World Championship 2008 in Baden-Baden