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Fegentri World Cup of Nations at Berlin-Hoppegarten (Germany) September 20, 2015 – pictures

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Cathrine H. Fortune from Norway wins the Fegentri World Cup of Nation in Berlin Hoppegarten

Cathrine H. Fortune celebrates her win on La Luneta

Cathrine Fortune (Norway) – La Luneta – Trainer Roland Dzubasz

Group Photo after the race from right back: Managing Director of the VDAR Katja Baltromei, Owner Bernd Nebel, Racecourse Owner Gerhard Schöning, Honorary Member VDAR Tesi von Werner

The rider from right: Sarah Shaffer (USA), Raoul Dygas (Germany), Michelle Blumenauer (Germany*), Silke Brüggemann (Germany), Evelyn Poehl (Italy),  Julien Delauny (France), Winner Cathrine Fortune (Norway), Melanie Plat (France), Nora Hagelund Holm (Noraway), Marc Timpelan (Germany)