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Final Fegentri Lady race in Mauritius, Dec 2nd, 2012 - pictures - Fegentri

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Final Fegentri Lady race in Mauritius, Dec 2nd, 2012 – pictures

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Lady Riders in Mauritius from left: Jessica Marcialis (Italy) Fegentri Vice-World Champion, Delphine Garcia-Dubois (France), Jonna Gustafsson (Sweden) III. place in the Fegentri World Championship, Hayley Moore (Great Britain), Victoria Allers (Norway), Fegentri World Champion Berit Weber from Germany, Tjarda van den Broek-Humphreij (Netherlands) and Manuela Slamanig (Austria)

…lot of fun in Mauritius….

And the Fegentri World Champion of Lady Riders 2012 is BERIT WEBER from Germany

Lady Riders and TOP Jockeys at Champ de Mars in Mauritius

Winner of the final Fegentri race for lady riders in Mauritius: Jessica Marcialis from Italy

…greeting the crowd at Champs de Mars in Mauritius

Lady Riders of the Final race in Mauritius: from left Victoria Allers (Norway), Tjarda van den Broek-Humphreij (Netherlands), Jessica Marcialis (Italy), Hayley Moore (Great Britain), Manuela Slamanig (Austria), Jonna Gustafsson (Sweden), Fegentri World Champion Berit Weber (Germany), Delphine Garcia-Dubois (France)

Before the start: Victoria Allers (left) and Berit Weber

Fegentri President Nathalie Bélinguier with Manuela Slamanig from Austria (left) and Hayley Moore from Great Britain

A kiss for the winning lady rider Jessica Marcialis from Trainer Peter Merven