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New racing videos: Jaegersro – Deauville – Curragh

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New racing videos – ordered by date

Tip: If you cannot watch the videos on the website, please clic on the link (headline) above, it connects you with youtube.Curragh (Ireland)          August 8th, 2010

Fegentri Ladies’ race: Fegentri Championship race won by Nina Carberry from Ireland on Champion BoyDeauville (France)          August 1st, 2010

a) Fegentri WCN race: Prix Vicomte A. won by Mario Baratti from Italy on Szerelem

b) Fegentri Ladies’ race: Prix Du Conseil General Des Yvelines won by Laetitia Denuault from France on La MacchiaDeauville (France)          July 31st, 2010

a) Fegentri Ladies race: Prix Royal Barriere won by Cathrine Engebretsen from Norway on Almaguer

+ Prix de Psyche

b) Fegentri Gentlemen race: Prix Georges Courtois won by Edouard Monfort from France on BrevanJaegersro (Sweden)          July 15th, 2010          * Ladies’ races *

a) Fegentri arab race: Touchdown and Goodrick Rennen won by Nina Wagner from Germany on Sakba

b) Fegentri flat race: Saddex Rennen won by Pauline Boisgontier from France on Nazgul