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Fegentri Championship Jump Race in Pardubice/Czech Republic – Pictures

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Celina Weber fromm Switzerland and Czech Flat Gentlemen Rider Jindrich Fabris


Secretary General of the Fegentri Manuela Tournier (middle) walks the track with the jump rider and Jelka Marianicka from the Czech Amateur Club


Jelka Marianicka,VicePresident of the Czech Amateur Club, Pavel Brazil German Gentleman Rider and Celina Weber, Swiss Lady Rider on take off side of Taxis fence


Standing on the reception side of Taxis ditch: Patrica Tepper and her fiancé Pavel Bradik, Gonzague Cottreau, Celina Weber, Jindrich Fabris and Jelka Marianicka

 The Jump Rider after the race

The podium with second from the right Manuela Tournier Fegentri Secretary General, French Rider and Jump Champion 2015 and 2016 -Gonzague Cottreau- finished 2nd and the german representative Pavel Bradik who managed to end the race on 3rd place.