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Susanna Santesson – in memoriam

Susanna Santesson – in MemoriamThe President and the Board members of FEGENTRI are extremely saddened by the sudden passing of Secretary General Susanna Santesson.

Susanna has been the face of FEGENTRI for the last 15 years when she was promoted to Secretary General.

A successful amateur rider herself, she dedicated her life to amateur racing all around the world.

As secretary general first and vice-president later of the German Amateur Club, she first ensured that German amateur riders became as successful as their British or French counterparts.

As Fegentri Secretary General, she worked tirelessly to encourage racing authorities to promote amateur racing and to organize amateur races as far as Turkey, the Middle East, Singapore, Malaysia, China and Macao in addition to more traditional destinations such as Europe and the United States.

All amateur riders around the world have a great debt of gratitude to Susanna.

Fegentri has lost one of its greatest supporters and one of its most ardent promoters.

The President and Board members of Fegentri extent their most sincerely condolences to Susanna’s family and friends.


Susanna Santesson – in Memoriam