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FEGENTRI Gentlemen Race in Maienfeld, October 12th, 2008

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Fegentri rider

Fegentri gentlemen riders in Maienfeld, October 12th, 2008
The last Fegentri race was organised in Maienfeld (Switzerland) in 1960 and
Fegentri was back for a flat race for Gentlemen rider 48 years afterwards.
Nathalie Bélinguier, third from right next to the President of Maienfeld
Race Course, Jürg Mutzner on her right and Max Wipf.
On the right: Bruno Sigrist, President of Schweizer Rennreiterverband and Susanna Santesson,
Fegentri General Secretary.
Left: Jean Cousteres, General Secretary of the French Amateur Club, a former winner of the Big Cross Country race in Maienfeld.

Jürg Langmeier with Le Royal

Jürg Langmeier from Switzerland was the easy winner of the Fegentri World
Championship race for gentlemen riders in Maienfeld, Switzerland

Fegentri gentlemen rider on a very unique race course in Switzerland :
Maienfeld October 12th, 2008