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FEGENTRI Ladies' Race in Nottingham (Great Britain) on July 4th, 2009 - Fegentri

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FEGENTRI Ladies’ Race in Nottingham (Great Britain) on July 4th, 2009

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Racing Video: Fegentri Ladies’s race in Nottingham, winner is Nadine Gratz from Germany on Iguacu

Prize presentation with Nadine Gratz from Germany winning the Fegentri race in Nottingham. Left: Sarah Oliver, Board Member of Fegentri and Chief Executive of the Amateur Jockey Association of GB.

Nadine Gratz from Germany finishing home on “Igacu” in the AJA INSURE THEIR MEMBERS Fegentri Lady Riders Invitation Handicap in Nottingham on July 4th

Nadine Gratz (Germany) winning the Fegentri Race in Nottingham (Great Britain)

Lady riders in front of the weighing room in Nottingham